Moving Checklist

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Aardvark Storage Systems would like to help make your move easier and less stressful.
Here is a guide to help with your move. Organizing and preparing weeks ahead of your move will help.

One Month Before

• Get a good inventory of your home. Decide what you want to keep and what you would like to discard. Have a yard sale or
donate items that you no longer want.

• Select a moving company or reserve a rental truck.

• If applicable, reserve elevators for the day of the move.

• Make travel plans. Plan the quickest route to your new location. Most trucks need at least 14 foot clearance under bridges
and underpasses. If you are moving a long distance, make hotel, car rental or airline reservations.

• Reserve an Aardvark Storage Systems storage space if possible.

• Purchase insurance coverage on your belongings.

• Begin packing the things that you don't frequently use.

• Keep track of all your moving related documents and receipts. Some moving expenses are tax deductible.

Two Weeks Before

• Once you have your new address, contact the following companies:

- Phone
- Electric
- Gas
- Water
- Cable
- Trash Removal
- Post Office

• Schedule your cable hook up for the same day as you move.

• Arrange to have your utilities stopped at your old address and started at your new home.

• Make an approximate floor plan to allow movers to properly place furniture.

One Week Before
• Finish packing and make sure all boxes are appropriately labeled.

• Confirm any reservations including the rental trucks, movers or travel plans.

• Pack what each person in your household must have while you travel.

• Remember to include a Survival Kit for anything you might need during the first few days after moving such as, special
foods, prescription drugs, some basic tools, bathroom essentials, kitchen essentials, keys to your new home and other
miscellaneous items such as your checkbook, a clock, a telephone, etc.

The Day Before
• Make sure you have the following items on hand:

- The keys to your new home.

- The map and directions to get there.
- A copy of your floor plan.

- All of your moving]related documents.
- Do a final walk through of the house.

- Get a good night's sleep.

Moving Day
• Reserve parking space as close as possible for the moving trucks. They normally require at least three parking spaces each.

• Pick up the rental truck or be sure that the movers are on their way.

• Be sure to have the floor plan of your new home on hand along with all of your moving]related documents, including a list to
verify that everything has arrived.

• Once the movers or the rental truck has arrived and has been unloaded, check for damages. Make a list of any damages so
that you can provide the moving company with it, if necessary.

• Plug in your large appliances and electronic equipment.

• Put your Survival Kit in a place you will easily find it.

Things to Do After the Move
• Clean, clean, clean before you unpack. Take the time to sweep the floors, dust and wipe out drawers, cabinets, etc.

• Unpack the things you will need first, such as bedding, bathroom supplies, and your cooking essentials.

• Gradually unpack each room leaving one room, free of boxes and clutter, to relax in at the end of the day.

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