Climate Controlled Storage

Self-Storage units have become very popular in recent years.  Many people find themselves in need of more storage space than their own homes and garages can provide.  Aardvark Storage systems offers a number of different options, including what is known as climate controlled storage.  Climate controlled storage may cost a little more than regular storage options, but there are some definite advantages to consider.

One major advantage of climate controlled storage is protection from the elements.  Rain and snow cannot penetrate the roof, outside dirt and dust are less likely to be transferred indoors, which is good news for fragile antiques and sensitive musical instruments.

Another advantage of climate controlled storage units is atmospheric regulation.  Items stored in these units should not face extremes in air temperatures or humidity (which for those of us who live in the Southeast Missouri area know all to well).  Many wood-based furniture pieces, musical instruments and antiques could crack or split from a constant cycle of freezing and thawing. 

Aardvark Storage Systems uses an indirect heating and cooling system (much like the ones used in residential homes) to maintain a consistent air temperature, rather than individual heaters or air conditioners in each unit.

Because Aardvark Storage Systems climate controlled storage units are located indoors, there is less chance of outside vermin and pests infiltrating them.  Damaging insects such as termites are kept at bay through concrete and metal construction.  Unregulated units may become susceptible to outdoor pests such as bees, wasps, or mice.  Which is why at Aardvark Storage Systems we take great pride in the precautions we take having both our climate controlled and standard storage units regularly maintained to keep these critters at bay so we will be less susceptible to these issues. 

Many renters of Aardvark Storage Systems climate controlled storage units believe that peace of mind is also an advantage.  Precious family heirlooms, antiques and other valuable items may or may not survive long-term storage in regular storage units.  With a climate controlled storage unit, there is less chance of discovering significant damage to weather-sensitive items.  The value of antiques can diminish quickly based on 'storage issues', for instance.  Renting a climate controlled storage unit may be worth the extra expense if you plan on storing your most prized possessions for the next generation.  

So if you think climate controlled storage is something that may interest you, please give Aardvark Storage Systems a call today and we will be glad to show you our state-of-the-art storage facility.

Hope to see you soon.

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